Blockchain Alliance is an international, collaborative network of experts working in partnership in order to provide unique and highly advanced blockchain solutions, contributing to prosperity in business sector and government administrations.
Through our Genesis BlockStartup Incubator we help build Blockchain technology startups from early stage of idea, until the last bit of code. From Genesis Block to deployment. From zero to one. Working in a consensus mechanism, investors have direct acces to innovation and novelty.
We aim to source the right place for developed or operational projects in Blockchain friendly places like Malta or Switzerland, to maximise your success.
Through our competence centers we offer: Blockchain Development, Blockchain Courses, Cyber Security,G.D.P.R., Market entry. Some of a projects may don t have these units in place. Therefore our approach is modular allowing you to select where you can access the most value for where you are.
We provide direct Market Entry help for Blockchain businesses in Romania and on indirect basis in other countries with our alliance partners.
If you would like to consider Blockchain Alliance being your partner, in order to incubate your idea, or promote your project on the local market or across its network please send us more details about your idea, project or business proposal.

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