We build end-to-end infrastructure for blockchain-based ecosystems as :


Initial Coin Offering

Please Contact us in order to launch your ICO with fully inegrated services.


Security Token Offering

Please Contact us in order to launch your STO with fully inegrated services.

Some projects may already have some units in place, therefore our approach is  modular allowing you to select where you can access the most value for where you are, as:

  • Token design – creation of tokens – using diferent standards  as fungible or non fungible (NFT) instruments, according to the particularities of the project, we develop smart tokens for specific use cases as: ICO, STO, Asstets Tokenizations, Private Coins. Please Contact us and share a Token name, total supply and standard in order to issue your own cryptocurrency.
  • Exchange listings – considering targeted investors and areas, we lead IEO/STEO campaings through one ore more exchanges, in turn or at the same time to maximise the succes. Traditionals or DEXes. Please Contact us for details.
  •  Landing platform – we create dedicated landing platforms designed for each project. Please Contact us for details.
  • Digital marketing. Please Contact us for details.
  • Blockchain dedicated events implementation. Please Contact us for details.
  • Incorporate –  We aim to source the right place for seed or operational projects in Blockchain friendly places like Malta, Switzerland, Estonia, or offshores. Please Contact us for details.
  • White paper –  We deliver documented and understandable white papers and light papers, with clear and concise goals ensuring a good project structure for the institutional or private investors. We  audit  existing white paper documents as whell. Please Contact us for details.
  •  Consultance –  comprehensive consulting services in order to implement a suite of best-known practices, protocols, and procedures, setting up standards and to create the right architectures of the projects. Please Contact us for details.

Starting from seed idea, we can help you build through every stage your STO/STEO right up to the last bit of code.

We tokenizing:

  • Bonds – we issue,  tokenize, ensure and sale bonds in a Security Token Offering.
  • Equity – An equity token represents a share in the underlying company. As with any stock purchase, holders literally own their given percent of the total enterprise. They are entitled to a portion of the company’s profits and a right to vote on its future.
  • Shares in a company – Any company can tokenize their shares and issue a number of tokens in a Security Token Offering, to their existing board members. They can decide that holding a certain amount of tokens entitles a person to a vote, and distribute that amount of tokens to those already invested in the company, as well as allow other investors to take part in the decision making the process by offering that asset.

Please Contact us to adopt tokenization in the early stage for your asset.