We provide courses for all levels but we specialise in providing practical technical training, in person for blockchain developers.


We are working collaboratively with top blockchain developers in order to discover and educate new generations of talent for their needs to work in the most well paid companies.


We have HR partnerships with companies ready to launch internationally.


We continue to develop partnerships to provide and deliver Blockchain courses in different countries.


Our twelve module course programme has:

  • three entry level courses for developers new to blockchain, these are one day in duration;
  • four medium entry level courses for developers with some experience or who have completed the entry level modules.  These courses run for two days per module and are practical and hands on;
  • five advanced level courses for experienced developers or who have completed the medium level modules. These courses run for three days per module are are practical and hands on.   


We also run beginner courses of a non technical nature for people wishing to learn more about blockchain and crytpocurrencies.  


For more details on our course dates or If you would like to consider Blockchain Alliance being your business partner, or trainer, please send us more details of your needs.