We are offering several new modern forms of  blockchain-based fundraising and investment instruments for startups, with an amazing rate of success, as:


  • IEO – Initial Exchange Offering – is for startups that seek to raise funds through its new tokens issued and administered by an exchange.
  • STO – Security Token Offering – is an investment product that is backed by a real-world asset such as a company share. STOs are asset-backed and comply with regulatory governance.
  • ICO – Initial Coin Offering – is a type of raising capital for startup companies using cryptocurrencies in the process of crowdfunding.


In order to obtain the best final shape of a fundraise, it will have to pass through a few steps.

  • Architecture

Blockchain Alliance is an international, collaborative network of experts working in partnership  in order to provide unique and highly advanced blockchain solutions.

The most important stage of a project in its early stage is the architecture.   To create the right architecture of a project, we do implement a suite of best-known practices, protocols, and procedures, setting up standards.  These protocols can be adopted by every project/startup so that going forward they enhance industry credibility and create reliability, transparency, respect, authenticity, and reputation into a rapidly growing marketplace.    

  • Consulting – We offer fully comprehensive consulting services and our experienced network enables us to be an incubator and accelerator for Blockchain business.   Often mentoring is about providing the right information and access to the right skills at the right time.  Our experience and network enables us to achieve this goal for you.
  • Legal – Based on distributed ledger technology, the fundamentals of blockchain technology,we are building an end-to-end IEO/STO/ICO ecosystem for you to access complete with compliance of regulatory frameworks.We aim to source the right place for developed or operational projects in Blockchain friendly places like Malta, Switzerland or Estonia, to maximise your success.


  • Whitepaper –  It is the description of the core idea and business plan.

That is why it is so important. A good whitepaper is documented, understandable, with clear and concise goals ensuring a good project structure for the next steps forward. A good presentation is an attraction for capital and customers which is crucial for a healthy project.  That is why we pay maximum attention to such a document.


  • ICO/STO/IEO creation of token standards – ERC 20, BTH ,ERC 721 or  ERC 1155 , as fungible, not fungible instruments, or both.


  • Fundraising – Based on a good, clear whitepaper, the ICO/STO/IEO represents the fundraising methods to support a new project.  In the world of blockchain this is achieved via cryptocurrency which provides the funding mechansim for development and expansion.  Starting from seed idea, we can help you build through every stage your IEO/STO/ICO right up to the last bit of code. We do a research , help write the whitepaper,  launch funding with IEO/STO/ICO , wallets, IEO/STO/ICO end distribution, exchange listing etc.  


  • We can manage the project on all its stages, or we can offer you a White Label.


Some projects may already have some units in place, therefore our approach is  modular allowing you to select where you can access the most value for where you are.

And if all the above sounds mysterious, we can help take the complexity out of it for you.

To learn more about our development expertise and areas of competence or if you would like to consider Blockchain Alliance being your business partner, please send us more details of your project or your business proposal.

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