The quickest way to undo all your good work in a blockchain project is to become the victim of a successful cyber attack.  Here at the Blockchain Alliance we source the top skills to help you stay protected.

Many people think that because they are using blockchain, a secure distributed ledger software architecture, they are secure and can not be hacked.  This is not true. Yes, blockchain offers significant security features, but you still have a business to run, you can still be hacked and your weakest link will still be the human element in your projects.

It is not just poor security code writing that can lead to weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the very core of your blockchain, but you have a business to run.  That business will be using tools, websites, apps and human resources in the same way as any other business. These make easy and typically weak points hard to defend, easy to attack.  Your business will still operate a 7 layer security stack like any other business, and just like every other business, you will be vulnerable at each and every layer of this full stack architecture.  And just like every other business your blockchain is likely to have customers that reside in the EU, so no matter where you are the EU’s GDPR data protection and privacy laws apply to your business.

The Blockchain Alliance can help you:

–          Source the right tools and develop the right architecture;

–          Provide training for technical and non-technical staff;

–          Perform regular vulnerability or penetration tests;

–          Access professional help – even confidentially in a suspected breach scenario;

–          Find the right cyber insurance policies

–          Ensure compliance to the GDPR standards

–          Audit the code used in your blockchain project through secure software code reviews

And much more… just ask us, if you are not sure.

With the spotlight on the innovation in blockchain and the valuations token launches can achieve and typically financially proactive people choosing to invest – the target – your data and your customers data is like gold.  It has value and that makes it attractive for you to be attacked.

It is not a question of IF you will be attacked, it is WHEN you will be attacked.  The question then is how severe and expensive that vulnerability flaw that leads to a successful attack will be.

As some free tools to get you started, leading cybersecurity firm based in the UK – iCyber-Security Group and its iCyber-Security Academy, also editors of the UK edition of the United Nations endorsed quarterly magazine: CyberSecurity Trends, have written for us four white papers relevant to the blockchain industry, which are available for you to download when you leave your email address.

The first White Paper gives you a list of the most common mistakes people make in their blockchain business that leads them to be easily hacked.  Click here to download.

The second White Paper gives you a list of 10 low cost things to absolutely do and have in place when starting or launching your blockchain project. Click here to download.

The third White Paper gives you a 10 page detailed review of the GDPR points your business and software will need to comply with, saving you the read of 161 pages of largely legal text. Click here to download.

The fourth White Paper for technical developers in the blockchain area, recommends 7 security skills to develop to help protect their ventures. Click here to download.

For free complimentary access to the quarterly cybersecurity trends magazine, click here to download.

If you are interested in having a free training needs assessment on cybersecurity for your business, click here to send your contact details and we will be back in touch.

If you want to get stuck straight in, we have four immediate recommendations for you.

  1.       Get a free External Vulnerability Scan of your IP or Website Domain, when you send your request via Blockchain Alliance.  Here is a link to a brochure on the service.
  2.       Turn your workforce into your best defensive shield with a training portal for less than the price of a daily cup of coffee per employee, when you send your request via Blockchain Alliance.  Here is a link to a brochure on the service.
  3.       Unsure of how compliant you might be with the new GDPR rules and you do not want to wait until your staff might be better trained through the portal recommended above, get an audit now and lock in a 10% discount , when you send your request via Blockchain Alliance.  Here is a link to a brochure on the service.
  4.       Protect your board members and senior team, likely to be the most vulnerable to a phishing attack, especially on their mobile device, with a Personal Shield, at a cost of less than a Starbucks Latte each day per senior member.  Lock in a 15% discount , when you send your request via Blockchain Alliance. Here is a link to a brochure on the service.

Stay protected and stay secure.  Let Blockchain Alliance and its team help guide you on the best security tips.  We can even help manage the security aspects of your project as well as help you incorporate security by design across the full stack and perform software security code audits.  

If you would like to consider Blockchain Alliance being your partner, please send us more details of your project or your business proposal.

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