The impact that Distributed Ledger Technology can have on our future is amazing. As blockchain technology is decentralized, it also means you should be writing very efficient code, which means not consuming processing power, memory or network bandwidth.
With good code we can help you speed up processes, lower costs, be more agile and build greater trust, by ensuring security and auditing along the way.
Bad code is just too expensive in the decentralized architecture!!!
Our unique position is the expert team we have with extensive hands-on experience. This means we can audit, train, guide, mentor and advise on good code for blockchain. We can help with the fundamental skills, tooling, mindset, and security best practices essential for a Blockchain Developer.
Our experts provide a wide range of skills in advanced blockchain solutions. We cover all aspects from architecture, scalability, sharding, governance, development, code reviews, cybersecurity, ICO’s etc. They are recognized experts in distributed ledger technology, algorithm of consensus, byzantine resilience,Merkle tree and applied security, with a solid background of sustained thought and practical leadership in this area.
Our team members actively participate in research papers that advance the infrastructure underlying the Blockchain technology in order to provide the most secure, reliable, and scalable Blockchain architecture and governance.
The technologies we use are essential to create good blockchain products. These include Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography, Distributed Ledgers, IoT, data securities, P2P networks and more. We excel in these areas with expertise in creating viable blockchains, smart contracts, and other related products.
We offer our clients unparalleled, extensive, and superior expertise, experience and technical know-how, to maximize the probabilities of clients’ successful launch their projects.
We not only offer expert consulting services but are also proficient in auditing existing projects and creating the best or troubleshooting blockchain technology solutions.

To learn more about our development expertise and areas of competence or if you would like to consider Blockchain Alliance being your business partner, please send us more details of your project or your business proposal.