Blockchain is a new way for businesses to source investment. Our strategic Investment board are always open to evaluate good projects.


One of the most important aspects of an investment project is capitalization. Remove this worry by getting us to help you raise funds.  Within our network we have different types of capabilities to cover a wide range of capitalization instruments, flexible to your project.  These might include:

Venture Capital – Dedicated Venture Capital partners are open to explore and review solid ideas and if approved inject their funds in innovative projects.

Investment Pools –  represent a smart way to obtain targeted amounts of money

Crowdfunding –  is another attractive way for investors to get blockchain investing.


Interest in funding Blockchain technology projects is growing exponentially. Traditional Venture Capital companies are diversifyng their portofolios and extending operations into the Blockchain area.  However, Investment in blockchain needs to still be tailored to the right investor communities. We can help you here.  


If you are considering how best to raise funds and would like to consider Blockchain Alliance being your business partner, please send us more details of your project or your business proposal.

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