Norman Frankel


Experienced executive that has been through the process of business start-up, fund raising through to exit via a stock market listing in the Mobile Payments sector and over 25 years exposure in the new digital technology and FinTech sectors. Key skills brought at business development, operations, strategy, fund raising and international market growth especially across UK, Europe and Middle East


BRCC is the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce, a bi-lateral trade organisation fostering trade links between UK and Romania for over 20 years.

Romania represents both technically and perhaps somewhat surprisingly for those with little knowledge of the country, very active investor communities in blockchain projects. Whilst the UK represents a recognised innovation hub as well as a mature financial centre, respected legal and corporate governance structures, with a strong educational framework, and is one of the most open and collaborative markets to do business in and with.

Blockchain brings disruption in the form of new technologies, new fund-raising and financing means that are creatively applied. There is significant scope for improved finance centre involvement, education and greater transparency on legal and governance structures. All of these area are perfect for a chamber of ours to be involved in the exciting collaborative opportunities to foster trade between UK and Romania and vice versa.

As a chamber we are also at the forefront of extending collaborative ties with other nations beyond our scope. With new hubs developing in Malta and Switzerland, we are delighted to provide a role where we can help facilitate international trade relations, so the sum for all of us can be greater.

The BRCC specifically will help Blockchain Alliance and its community accelerate its international trade links and promote to its members and affiliates events or forums that the alliance puts on.

Neil Mc Gregor, Chairman, BRCC

Norman Frankel, Sibiu Representative

Blockchain and Crypto Advisor, Carlo is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world.

He has gained various experiences in different digital startups which concerned real estate investments and personal and financial growth.

Since he met the blockchain he has been thunderstruck  by his potential.

Participates as an investor in about 20 blockchain projects each year.

Is an ADVISOR expert in Strategy and Fundraising in ICO con 3+ years experience, successfully follows over 35 projects based on blockchain technology.

Carlo Buonpane

ICO Advisor

Armenian Blockchain

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Armenian Blockchain Association Team


We are glad to announce our partnership between NOOOR – Armenian Blockchain Association and Blockchain Alliance.
Our strategic objectives are to bring the benefits of Blockchain technology to the masses and to collaborate in developing common internațional projects.

Thanks to our team mates and collaborators for  making this project working!

Team &



Viorel Fleseriu


If you would like to consider to be our partner, collaborator or team mate, in order to develop common projects, runing partnerships, collaborations,or  to represent mutual interests in teritory, please send us more details about proposal.